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Commonplace facilitates this conversation on behalf of the team made up of the organisations listed here. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes stated in each organisation’s privacy policy.
Low Carbon

Low Carbon

Low Carbon is the developer of this project and we will use the information gathered at the end of the consultation period to advise on the development of the proposed solar farm.

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Barton Willmore

Barton Willmore

Barton Willmore is a specialist in the planning, assessment and consenting of large scale development projects and has been appointed by Low Carbon to coordinate the planning process for the project.

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Thirty4/7 Communications

Thirty4/7 Communications is a Welsh based communications agency specialising in supporting large scale energy and infrastructure projects. Thirty4/7 Communications will be assisting Low Carbon in developing the statutory consultation programme for the project.

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Sirius Planning

Sirius Planning is an experienced multidiciplinary team of experts focused on supporting the development of energy projects such as Parc Solar Traffwll. Sirius has assisted Low Carbon through coordinating and developing much of the environmental assessments and survey work required for the project.

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